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Optional Functionality - Kaltura


The Kaltura dependencies are not licensed in a way that is appropriate to publish with the core Equella repo. However, the functionality exists to integrate Equella with Kaltura, and is appropriate for a user to build into their install of Equella.


Before running sbt compile on the core Equella code base, do the following

  1. git clone the Equella-Kaltura repo.
  2. Copy the Kaltura directory from the {Equella-Kaltura} cloned directory into your Equella Plugins into the core Equella Plugins directory {Equella-core-repo}/Source/Plugins
  3. In {Equella-core-repo}/Source/Server/equellaserver/build.sbt, under libraryDependencies, add / uncomment the line: “com.kaltura” % “kalturaClient” % “3.2.1”

Proceed with the normal build process for Equella. Kaltura integration will be enabled.