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Setting up a test environment

Web tests can be performed automatically after any successful build.

The web testing architecture has the following components:

Development environment

The tests are all written for TestNG in Java, so whatever IDE you prefer can be used.

The latest Eclipse is recommended. New versions of eclipse have the EGit plugin bundled which provides good integration with the Git version control system. You will also want to install the TestNG eclipse plugin

Skills required

EQUELLA tests setup instructions

  1. Install TestNG eclipse plugin
  2. Checkout automated code: git clone
  3. Copy config/ to config/, edit the options accordingly
  4. Run as TestNG Test, this will import required institutions

Moodle tests setup instructions

  1. Change moodle.url to a real moodle url in Tests/config/
  2. Run to setup required courses
  3. Run as TestNG test


Watch out for this bug: